Bicycle touring

A great hobby, exploring the world together on our bikes!

Saxion University

This is where I work, teach, and coach.

International Relations

Helping Saxion University expand on a global scale.

Melt! Festival

The best festival in the world. Techno to the max!


Hike through the scenery of my beautiful country.

Carpe Diem

Enjoy the last rays of sunset, if I can :-)

International Youth Exchanges

Guiding you people grow to their full potential.

Industrial & Cultural Heritage

The world is filled with history, you just need to know where to go!


Natural wonders of the world.

Enjoy scenery


My hobby since being a little boy. Now taking youngsters for their adventures.

Experiental learning

Learning through experiences, is learning for life!


Vake be'j te bange!

I'm involved in:

Eventeers Foundation
Twents Voorjaarskamp
Scouting 't Volbert